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Upcoming Flight School Classes

April 4

IBU? Not a Clue

You will unravel the mystery of IBU, how they differ from perceived bitterness and why timing is everything with hops in the brewing process.  Beer styles may include: German Pilsner, IPA, Double IPA, Stout


May 2

Just Chill

Take a look at temperature and refrigeration and how they affect beer and your sense of taste.  Beer styles may include: IPA, Stout, Sour, American Lager

June 6

Feelin​g Malty

Learn about the different grains and malting and what their role is in the brewing process.  Beer styles may include: Amber or red IPA, Scottish, Lager, Stout

July 4


August 1

For the Love of Adjuncts

Learn about adjuncts and what styles utilize them.  Be​er styles that may be included: Wheats, Milk Stouts, Scottish/Scotch